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Garage Floor Coatings. Epoxy vs Polyurea

Low-maintenance polyurea floors are resistant to stains, spills and harsh, concrete-damaging winter salts. Choose from an array of colours and textures, including 6 solid colours and 10 granite-look flake colours - all with a high-gloss shine. With a two-day install/cure time, class-leading materials and polished good-looks, our polyurea floor coating will bring style and durability to your garage for years to come.

While both products are resistant to salt, oil, gasoline and other contaminants, the fact that Polyurea penetrates your concrete as opposed to epoxies, ensures that there is a more absolute bond, which is why the floors can stand up to the test of time and not peel up. Polyurea quick dry times allow for a one-day installation with a one-day cure time. Floors are ready for vehicle traffic after only 72 hours vs. the one week cure time of epoxy. Our Polyurea coating can be installed in temperatures anywhere from -40 degrees C to +40 degrees C, proving its resilience to our harsh Canadians winters.

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Garage Outfitters offers a pallet of our 11 most popular garage floor paint chip colours for your selection. Browse though gallery and click on the images to see a full screen display of the sample that has caught your eye. Interested in a unique pattern or colour? Custom mixes are available

Paint chips may have the added benefit of masking a dirty floor, but solid colours are still standard in industrial & commercial applications due to the lower cost of installation. From yellow lines and neutral colours like tan or grey to reds, greens and blues. Custom colors are available on request.

You are limited only by budget & imagination. If you are hell bent on having the garage floor a specific colour (or even colours) we can accommodate your desires. Multiple coloured floors, multiple materials, customized floor tattoos, they are all within your reach. For the most discerning of customers when only the best will do.

Painting & Coating your residential Garage Floor

Garage Outfitters provides concrete floor finishing solutions for residential garages of all sizes. Our "GO Floor Coating" has become the product of choice for both interior and exterior applications around the house. It has also become the replacement for the Epoxy floor solutions that have been in use for years but take days to dry and cure properly. Far superior to Epoxy applications, Polyurea actually penetrates deeper into the surface of concrete and is 20 times stronger. It is more durable, resisting oil, gas, salt residue and is also eco-friendly. This is a superb coating for outdoor patios and swimming pools, as well as residential kitchens and garage floors.

The advantages of Polyurea verus Epoxy floor coating are numerous. Installation takes half the time of Epoxy, and the “flexible” nature of the Polyurea coating allows it to stretch with the underlying concrete surface. It does not crack or peel like Epoxy and can be installed any time of year or even in extreme temperatures (-40 to +40 C.). With its quick curing time an installation can be performed within a day. You can walk on the surface in 8 hours, and drive on it in 24. The finished floor membrane is completely seamless, covering all the edges and even those “hard-to-reach” spots.

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Commercial & Industrial Epoxy Floor Coatings

As exclusive distributor of GO floor coatings, Garage Outfitters routinely installs Polyurea floor coating for a wide variety of commercial and retail establishments. The product has become a favorite of installers for vast spaces like shopping centers, car dealerships, art galleries and museums. Additionally, retail establishments like showrooms, butchers, meat markets, and even hairdressers have been opting for Polyurea over other flooring products due to it's durability and fast installation time.

What makes our floors ideal for your business, warehouse or other concrete floors you have? Our Polyurea industrial coating is ultra-resistant and quick drying allowing commercial and industrial concrete floors to return to service the next day, saving you time and money.

Designed for unparalleled abrasion resistance (4X more than 100% epoxy) and a long-term sustainability, GO Floor Coating requires a minimum of maintenance and is the best proven concrete coating for high volume areas. Our products do not need to be waxed or polished as well as completely waterproof and resistant to most common chemicals.